Vimto Is Back In India

Vimto Is Back In India

Vimto, which originally debuted in 1920 in India, is back with a bang with the help our new partner Iceberg Foods Ltd. Available in 300ml, 600ml and 2,000ml PET bottles, Vimto is a unique combination of Raspberry and Blackcurrant flavours – with a secret blend of 25 herbs and spices.

Commenting on the launch of Vimto, Mr. Kishore Agarwal. MD, Iceberg Foods Ltd said, “This is a proud moment for us and we are glad to be associated with this nostalgic product. With a unique combination of flavours, Vimto is a perfect companion for young teens and adults during this sweltering weather. We are positive that Vimto will be well received and help us augment our growth in the ready to drink sector.”

Marnie Millard, CEO of Nichols plc, parent company of Vimto International, says: “We are thrilled to be launching Vimto in India and are looking forward to working with Iceberg Foods to bring our range of soft drinks to local consumers and businesses. India holds a very special place in the history of our company, as it was one of the very first international destinations that our founder John Noel Nichols exported to as far back as 1920. Fast forward almost 100 years, we’re excited to be opening this next chapter of the long-standing relationship between India and Vimto.”

Equipped with an impressive product range including RC Cola and Capri-Sun, Iceberg foods, is looking at expanding its portfolio of ready to drink beverages and venture into new markets.

About Iceberg Foods:

The Iceberg Group was incorporated in 2001 with the objective of being market leaders in the non-alcoholic beverages space. In 2002, Iceberg Foods Limited signed the franchise agreement with United Breweries Pvt. Ltd., makers of Kingfisher beer, the largest brewing company in India, to manufacture and distribute Kingfisher Packaged Drinking Water and Kingfisher Power Soda. Iceberg Foods, along with its sister concern, SDU Beverages handle production as well as distribution for Kingfisher Packaged Drinking Water and Kingfisher Power Soda in 70 % of the territories in India.

In 2008, Iceberg Foods signed the license agreement with Royal Crown Cola International, the World’s number 3 carbonated soft drinks brand, to manufacture market and distribute RC Cola and RCQ flavors carbonated soft drinks in India.

In 2012, SDU Beverages signed the license agreement with Capri-Sun Juice Drink, the world’s number 1 children’s drink, to manufacture and distribute Capri-Sun Juice Drink in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh. By January 2014 SDU Beverages had set up a spanking new production facility at Hyderabad and started commercial production of Capri-Sun Juice Drink from the facility.

Iceberg Group owns 8 production facilities across the country and has a network of co-packers to assist with the manufacturing of its wide array of Aqua + products. The newer facilities in Bangalore and Hyderabad are state-of-the-art facilities with international standard equipment.

#surftherapy Helps Youths Affected By Emotional Trauma

#surftherapy Helps Youths Affected By Emotional Trauma

Vimto sponsors Waves for Change – a non-profit organisation which provides safe spaces, access to caring adults, and provision of weekly ‘Surf Therapy Sessions’, to help young people from volatile backgrounds develop skills to regulate behaviour, build healing relationships, cope with stress and make positive life-choices.

More about Waves for Change

We know that violence and poverty are affecting the way that children and adolescents are developing in South Africa.

On average, a Young South African from a Waves for Change target community will experience between 8 – 15 highly traumatic incidences in a year. This is impacting how children and young adults feel about themselves, in turn effecting short-term behaviour and learning outcomes and future life opportunities.

Waves for Change is led by a team of mental health and social service professionals who have fused recognised approaches to therapy with surfing.

In communities with heavily under-resourced social services, Waves for Change trains local community members to provide surf therapy services to referred, at-risk youth. Waves for Change programmes improve the wellbeing and mental health of vulnerable youth, improving behaviour and learning outcomes. Waves for Change programmes also increase access to social support in some of South Africa's most volatile, unstable communities.

Waves for Change works with local universities to evaluate impact. Waves for Change is supported by global agencies including Comic Relief, Laureus Sport for Good Foundation and Ashoka. or

Watch the full Freedom Riders story here.

Vimto Launches New Remix Range

Vimto Launches New Remix Range

Vimto’s new Remix range is set to make a splash with 2 new flavour combinations - mango, strawberry and pineapple which is available in still, fizzy and cordial formats; and raspberry, orange and passion fruit which is available as a squash only. The launch is highlighted by an epic Computer Generated advertising campaign featuring a fruit fight between the original Vimtoad and the new Mixtoad character

Africa TV Advertising In Full Swing

Africa TV Advertising In Full Swing

Vimto’s 2016 African TV campaign is up and running with French, English and Portuguese formats to suit different parts of the continent. The ad is a fun story about a family who are all doing their own thing until mum gets out the Vimto to bring them all together. But what happens when dad gets home and catches them all dancing around?

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